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Administrative tasks with clerical assistant



Educators are often overloaded with administrative tasks. Virtual assistants can be created in order to support and take over some routine or administrative processes.

Here one example of application:

The students enter the university room and looking for seats. Once seated, an app on the students’ mobile phones is activated and ask them to say their names. The voice-recognition clerical assistant performs the check-in and verifies of the students. After the check-in, successively the students’ images appear on the teachers’ screen showing their location in the hall with their names.

One other possibilities is that the teacher sees from the clerical assistant that most of the students have completed the assignment or that they watched video lectures or read the content assigned for that day. 

Source: Vuorikari, R., Punie, Y., & Cabrera Giraldez, M. (2020). Emerging technologies and the teaching profession: Ethical and pedagogical considerations based on near-future scenarios. 
NEAR-FUTURE SCENARIOS, 4.1.2. Automating administrative tasks and answering common queries, Scenario 2
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Example of software that tracks students’ attendance automatically by identifying users faces: Facility Management & Attendance Tracking Smart Cloud Software | SmileMe.In