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About the Project

Background - Why?

Until recently, implementing e-lectures was more a nice-to-have than a must-have. But the COVID pandemic forced educators to rapidly change their way of teaching from physical, face-to-face teaching into the online, “COVID19 style” distance teaching. This sudden transformation demanded considerable adaptations and changes from all teachers. Didactic concepts had to be rearranged, e-learning tools had to be found and tested, and new ways of collaboration and communication had to be defined. 

All these experiences, gained in the sudden transformation of the educational model caused by the COVID19 lock-down period, confirmed the necessity of a common, standardized, and structured content plan that helps teachers to reflect and develop their e-learning or digital competences.

Objectives - What?

The existing European framework DigCompEdu (Digital Competences of Educators) defines educators’ professional and pedagogic competences as well as learners’ competences in six specific areas, including twenty-two competences. Each competence is described by a list of activities. These activities are rather general and do not provide educators with practical information on how to achieve and implement the outlined goal in practice.

Therefore, the main objective of the EDUDIG project is to fill the framework with practical content, including didactic concepts for online lectures, e-learning tools and recommendations. Educators will have the opportunity to develop their online competences, depending on their level of progression, through an online course (output 2) or through an e-teaching manual for self-paced learning (output 3). The aim is to enhance and augment the framework so it can serve as a practical, useful resource for educators willing to develop their digital competencies.

Project results

To achieve the defined objectives the following project outputs are developed:

  • Content collection
    A collection of content for all six areas and the corresponding competencies, structured along the six levels of progression will be developed. The curriculum will be available online on the EDUDIG website. Educators can use the proposed e-learning methods and tools according to their own needs. The different levels progressions provide information on the necessary training steps.
  • Online course
    The project intends to develop a guided online course for one or two of the pedagogical competence areas outlined in DigCompEdu framework.
  • E-Teaching manual
    The materials developed for output 2 will be adapted and made openly available in the form of an e-handbook/manual for all educators.

With the EDUDIG project, we as a project consortium want to create a helpful and easy-to-use source for diverse and interesting online teaching and learning.

This project is finished.
Project start: Jun 2021
Project end: May 2023
Project card Erasmus+ results Plattform: EDUdig | Erasmus+ (