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Content Collection - Areas

Collection of didactical and digital approaches & tools for educators

This collection offers you as an educator a wide range of didactical and digital approaches & tools that will support you in your daily teaching. The content collection is structured into 6 areas (see side menu), each covering a variety of topics, from teaching methods to collaborative idea creation and learning reflection to assessment principles.

Each topic offers you a broad selection of approaches and tools. Just to mention a few:

The content collection contains almost 400 items. You have the chance to navigate through this content collection by area (see side menu) or to find the one that meets your requirements by filtering topics or proficiency levels (see advanced search).

Proficience levels

Enhance your digital and pedagogical skills according to your proficiency level. You can select between the following levels:

  • Beginner: You have had very little contact with digital tools or have just started using them. You need guidance to expand your competences.
  • Integrator: You use and experiment with digital tools for a range of purposes, trying to understand which digital strategies work best in which contexts.
  • Expert: You use a range of tools confidently, creatively and critically to enhance your professional activities. You continuously expand your repertoire of practice.
  • Innovator: You rely on a broad repertoire of flexible, comprehensive and effective digital strategies. You lead innovation and you are a role model for other educators.

European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators

The European Framework for the Digital Competence of Educators (DigCompEdu) attempts to capture the digital demands on educators and map them in the form of 22 competences organised in 6 areas. Within the EDUdig project we filled the 22 competences with practical content, including didactic concepts for online lectures, e-learning tools, and recommendations – see structure above.

The following graphical representation shows you the 6 areas that relate to the different aspects of higher education teaching.

graphic framework
Source: Redecker, C. (2017), DigCompEdu

Navigate through the collection by selecting one of the 6 areas (see side menu), the topics, your proficiency level or just use the search box entering the topic that you are interested in.

External Tools

The tools mentioned in the collection are randomly selected. We do not assume any responsibility or liability for the functionality and nature of these external tools. The tools presented in this collection serve as examples to illustrate the concepts presented and to get an idea how to implement them.

External Links

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