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Answering common queries – automated reply system



Artificial intelligence based Clerical assistant – automated reply system

Automated reply system answers the frequently asked questions that students post. To answer the questions that students ask, the system needs to build a model of the knowledge of the domain that is taught. This model also includes organisational aspects of the course (e.g. homework assignments and due dates, reading lists). Students who ask questions in the forum should be aware of whether their questions are answered by a machine or human.

Here an example of a near future scenario: The teacher is surprised to see that there were plenty of questions on the online forum that is used to support the class. “237 questions”. The clerical assistant replies that it had already checked them, and that the teacher must answer only a small fraction of questions during the class. 
By the 4th year of the lecture, the clerical assistant has already learned how to answer them with 97% confidence. These questions are highlighted on the screen and the teacher projects them on a wall for a Q&A session.


Source: Vuorikari, R., Punie, Y. and Cabrera Giraldez, M., Emerging technologies and the teaching profession, EUR 30129 EN, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2020, ISBN 978-92-76-17302-1 (online), doi:10.2760/46933 (online), JRC120183 
NEAR-FUTURE SCENARIOS, 4.1.2. Automating administrative tasks and answering common queries, Scenario 2
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