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Collaborative and cooperative learning



In both cooperative and collaborative learning the students work in smaller groups in order to accomplish learning goals.

Collaborative learning is learning in groups or teams to solve problems, working peer-to-peer complete tasks, or build new knowledge. The collaboration promotes common intellectual effort to search for meanings, holistic understandings or solutions. In collaborative learning, students are focused on working with the group members to contribute with ideas, communicate and create results together.

In the cooperative learning students can experience a space for autonomy and individual work; they seek to find answers individually and cooperatively. They cooperate to gain own knowledge but also to contribute to the group.

Diigo: bookmarking tool – collect, annotate, organize, and share online resources

Flipgrid: create and share short videos, post, discuss, reflect and share presentations

VideoAnt: a tool for annotiations in YouTube videos 
Padlet: collaboration tool – posting and collecting resources