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Content Collection

Collaborative resume



The idea of this activity is to get a glance of students’ education, work backgrounds, hobbies and more. It’s also a very good activity to use during the first week of semester, where students are meeting one another for the first time. Students work together (in groups) to create a group resume. The resume captures what they as a group want to get out of the course – as interests, their current knowledge of course content – as skills, previous related work experiences – as experiences, education and if any notable accomplishments – as education.

A possible framework: Group Resume Outline – Google Docs

 How to implement?

  • Students are divided into small groups and work in breakout rooms.
  • Ask students to engage in a brainstorming session for about 10 minutes, filling in their assignment sheet.
  • Ensure one person per group is designated as a team captain to submit the assignment at the end of the exercise to the LMS or an active learning platform of your choice.

MS Teams, Zoom or other conferencing tool