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This tool helps educators to discuss copyrights and licensing standards with their learners.

Copyrights give performers and authors of creative work the right to decide on the use of their works as defined in a national copyright legislation.

Discussing the role and relevancy of copyrights is especially important in study units, where students share and create content (written, oral or visual material) with external partners or for public use.

Copyright topics can be learned about in many engaging ways. A simple way is to link content to a relevant copyright organization’s pages and have students discuss relevant topics on a specific discussion forum, create a multiple choice test or gamify the topics.

Creative Commons Licenses:

The higher education section “Kopiraittila Academy” is available also in English and offers a fun way to test a students knowledge with quizzes and earn a Copyright Expert badge. The badge can be exchanged into assignment points:

Examples from Kopiosto/Finland (note any national differences in the copy right legislation).

Kopiosto offers an inspiring and gamified entity for learning about copyright and licensing on various educational levels. It includes an extensive educator’s material repository and many teaching tips (e.g. gamifying learning).