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Content Collection

Digital products and media



Learning assignments can consist of creating digital products and media such as websites, social media pages, other online media, apps or games.

The learning process is then rather long and entails many publishing and technology related procedures such as a mastering different content management systems or programming. Necessary parts may also be creating a content and channel strategy, the actual content creation phase (editing, graphic design and other visualization), approval processes, copyright issues, illustration strategies (alt-texts).

Creating digital media often requires mastering of image editing and publication software (e.g Adobe Photoshop and InDesign or different content management systems) but easier tools such as Canva can also be used.

Adobe Creative Cloud:

Digital solutions developed for regional partners as study assignments, examples from Laurea UAS, Finland:

More at:

Mobile App Development (created by Laurea students Fall 2020):

Mobile App Development