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Educational technology supporting language learning



Educational technology can complement educators in supporting the students with diverse background in learning the content in second language. The technology can augment and make language learning more relevant and contextualised for them.

The educator can use activates the use of “Immersive Reader” programme to show breaks of the complex compound nouns between syllables that makes the text easier to understand. At the touch of a button, the student can also hear the whole page read aloud and see the text highlighted at the same time – s/he finds that this helps her/him learn the right pronunciation faster. From time to time, s/he uses Alexa for doing her written homework, too: “Alexa, how do you spell….?”.

There are some online translation tools. With entering the text in one language can be translated in different languages. The number of languages ca vary from tool to tool and some languages with smaller group of speakers can be missing. Using these translation apps students can perform a lot of activities, such as doing homework, as well as to keep up with the ongoing programme in the school (Vuorikari et. al, 2020). There are online tools to check language quality.

Source: Vuorikari, R., Punie, Y., & Cabrera Giraldez, M. (2020). Emerging technologies and the teaching profession: Ethical and pedagogical considerations based on near-future scenarios.
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