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Examples of assessment alternatives



There are alternatives to the final exam that students can do.
For example, students could:

  • solve dilemmas in a case study,
  • summarise a course reading by writing a policy brief,
  • create a digital artefact as a stand-alone assessment or to complement their essays,
  • create a concept map as a visual representation of the connections between concepts they have learned,
  • produce a fact sheet – a one-page document containing key information on a topic,
  • undertake a flexible, competency-based assessment, choosing their preferred method of assessment to demonstrate how they have met the learning outcomes of the course,
  • produce a poster session (with peer review)

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This guide (Elkhoury, 2022) supports educators in the creation and execution of alternative assessments. It commences with segments dedicated to Best Practices and Accessibility Considerations. Afterward, it presents 33 distinct alternative assessment options, each with its individual page. Every page provides a comprehensive account, outlining the description, advantages, challenges, and potential solutions of the particular assessment.