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Content Collection

Explanatory videos



These tools enable the creation of (explanatory) videos. They offer large libraries with ready-made clips, pieces of music, sounds and animations. Available features of those tools:

  • Greenscreen templates: Video templates in which an area (i.e., face or screen) is backed by a green screen so that your own content can be placed there.
  • Instant sharing: Created content can be shared via the respective tool on specific platforms.
  • Voice-over: Voice recordings can be created or uploaded and be used in a presentation or an explanatory video.
  • Explain Everything: create editable whiteboard video lectures. Record and share feedback, pre-exercises, instructions or lesson summaries –
  • Moovly: Explain educational topics with videos. Create your own videos for projects, lessons or presentations. Engage your students with video assignments. You can explain topics in many ways: combine images, footage, text, drawings, sound and voice to share your content –