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Content Collection




Jigsaw is a cooperative learning technique where each student is important for the completion and full understanding of the final results of the activity.

Firstly, the students are divided into groups. Each group works on the overall topic, but the task is divided into parts and each member of the group works on a different part – individually – thus completing the (jigsaw) puzzle.

Secondly, in the next step will the students working on the same part be gathered into the groups of experts. If there are some differences in the quality of individual work, will be balanced out in this groups. All experts of a sub-area meet to compare their results and summarise the information.

Thirdly, the experts return to their home group to present their area of expertise to the other group members. The group members have to listen carefully to the presenter, encourage and support him/her.

Finally, the overall topic is reviewed by all group members.