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Learning by developing (LbD)



Learning by Developing (LbD) is a pedagogical model based on genuine work-life research and development project in collaboration with students , teachers, and working life representatives and other stakeholders, depending on the nature of a research and development project that
forms a primary learning environment. Students will learn to apply knowledge and competence to real-life context. In addition, they will learn various transversal skills.

“In a project a teacher has the role of facilitator, partner, developer and researcher. The teacher provides space for students and facilitates their competence- construction processes in relation to practical experiments. As an evaluator, the teacher is involved in assessing the achievements of student’s competences as well as the outcomes and the process of the research and development project in cooperation with all the partners involved. Evaluation is seen as a reflective, development-oriented co-operational process between the students, teachers and working-life representatives. The partners’ feedback, peer feedback, the students’ own self-evaluation as well as teachers’ quantitative and qualitative assessments are all important elements in holistic evaluation. Students’ competences are identified and credited by comparing them to the learning objectives described in competence-based curricula.” (Raij, 2012)

Research and development project can run fully online. Students, teachers, working life representatives and other possible stakeholders can meet online. Teams, Slack etc. can be used for communication, sharing files and creating documents together. Online whiteboards such as MIRO or MURAL can be used for collaboration e.g. in ideation workshops.

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Examples of solutions created by Laurea students in LbD based learning settings for varios regional partners: