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Meaningful use of social media



Social media is a powerful communication tool and educators can have a role in teaching, how to use it meaningfully.

Students should understand how posting and sharing affects their identity. They should be advised to question their content before posting and THINK what they are going to post: “T – is it Truthful?; H – does it Help?; I – does it Inspire?; N – is it Nice or Necessary?; K – is it Kind?”

Social media channels can work as a portfolio by showcasing students aptitude. Educator can guide students to create LinkedIn page that shows e.g. their competencies, interests, passion and accomplishment and can help them to get a job.

Use of social media can be part of teaching and used as learning environments. Educator can e.g. create a blog or a Facebook page and ask student to participate in content creation and discussion meaningfully.

Educator can also guide, which people and organisations are relevant in terms of their studies to follow.