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Online reflection + presenting team time for feedback



Holding and following students’ or groups’ online presentations is often time-consuming. Every student group deserves feedback, yet, giving it in front of the whole group can be tiresome. A good process for presenting and feedback can make the online presentations more engaging to all.

An exemplary process includes well-timed presentation slots, quick instant feedback and an additional group-specific reflection time

1) Main room for quick and time-limited presentations:
Presenting 5-15 minutes (multiply by number of presenting students or teams).

2) Main room: Short comments and first impressions given by the educator, one peer group or appointed audience members, 3-5 minutes

3) Break-out / team rooms for feedback reflection and self-evaluation:
Topic / team specific feedback and discussion 30-60 minutes.
The educator circulates in each break-out room to answer further questions.

4) Main room: joint wrap-up 10-20 minutes
Issues raised up in the break-out rooms can be further addressed. Further analysis and next steps.

This process model can be implemented in Teams, Zoom and most LMS’s.