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An individual learning path can be a collection of personalized blocks that are grouped together (as modules). These modules ensure that students master a particular topic or program and can continue with the next module in the learning path.

Here some tips for creating personalised learning paths for the students:

Personal learning goals for students
The students and educators work in collaboration to develop personal learning goals, that have to be clear, relevant and future oriented. The results, outcomes, and skills, that student will achieve, have to be aligned with the goals planned together and satisfying for the student idea of future.

Empower your students
The personal learning path is successful if the student feels that s/he is in control of their online learning experience. The student is allowed to choose which activities (collaborating with peers on specific tasks, identifying apps to support learning) they complete next, assessments they will take, or the way they receive the eLearning content.

Create progress markers at regular intervals
The educator and student identify markers that show their progress towards specific learning goals.
Creating periodic milestones gives the students a chance to check their own progress along their learning journey and ensure that they are on the right path. 
Another benefit of these progress markers is that they allow both educators and students to determine whether any changes are required in the learning path to ensure the accomplishment of each goal.

Clearly define how the learning will be assessed
The last step in creating personalized learning paths is clearly defining how learning will be assessed.