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Content Collection

Remixing OERs



Even though teachers can select OERs and use them as found, some can also be improved, developed, augmented to better suit teaching and learning purposes. OER remix refers to the possibility that is given by the author(s) to users of adapting or mashing-up OERs to meet specific learning needs, to address particular learning styles, to adjust for the proficiency level, to meet cultural tenets, to correct errors or inaccuracies, update content, among others.

Some possibilities to remix OER include editing, repurposing, merging it with other material, and more. Teachers can, for instance, add a diagram or image to a text-based OER or their own narrative (caption, audio…) to a video-based OER, swap the examples given for more relevant ones (considering the context), etc. Remixing OERs can be very useful for developing complex and interactive digital learning activities, e.g. interactive worksheets, online assessment tasks, online collaborative learning activities (e.g. wikis, blogs), etc.  Don´t forget that you can also repurpose OERs, i.e. use them for learning purposes that were not foreseen by authors beforehand.