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Content Collection

Responsible and ethical research-based studying 



Responsible and ethical research-based studying requires knowledge about general research and development work ethics.

Depending on the scope to be covered, learning about ethical and responsible ways of conducting research can be implemented as multiple choice tests or other playful and engaging ways with an interactive H5P tool.

At Laurea UAS /Finland, each master’s student needs to complete a mandatory study unit of Research and Development Work Ethics equaling 1 ects. The MOOC is carried out independently, on the student’s own schedule.

The MOOC is interactive, composed of a self-evaluation test, several quizzes, flashcards (see example picture) and other H5P elements.

After completing this course, a student:

  • has gotten acquainted with the guidelines of responsible conduct of research
  • has identified one’s rights and responsibilities as a researcher or thesis worker
  • is able to follow and apply the guidelines of responsible conduct of research
  • is familiar with the regulations related to the handling and processing of personal data necessary for studies
  • is able to evaluate the necessity of preliminary ethical review in one’s thesis or research.

Flash Cards H5P example: