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Social robot



Supporting autistic children in learning and applying skills in one setting (e.g. in speech therapy) and transferring them successfully to another relevant setting or situation (e.g. home) is a great challenge and requires special education stuff team (Vuorikari et. al, 2020).

Near-future scenario

The new robot assistant is trained to work with children diagnosed with ASD* and helps to increase the attention and engagement of a child who follow mainstream education. At the same time, it reduces anxiety and disruptive behaviours. It can also help situations in the classroom by mediating between the child and others, if needed (Vuorikari et. al, 2020).

Main function

The pedagogically-oriented interventions are at an early development stage but the main function is focusing on the robot in assisting and supporting the child with ASD* with social and emotional skills, helping them to stay focused on the working task (Vuorikari et. al, 2020).

*Autism Spectrum Disorder

Vuorikari, R., Punie, Y. and Cabrera Giraldez, M. (2020): Emerging technologies and the teaching profession. Publications Office of the European Union. [30.8.2022].

Existing applications:
In-home use of socially assistive robots for children on the autism spectrum:
[ROBOTS] Helping children with Autism grow (Autism Spectrum Disorder) | Science Nation – YouTube