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Special educational needs arrangements



This approach enables a student in need of special educational arrangements to have her or his needs met. It also removes the need of the student having to explain the array of issues to each teacher multiple times.


The special arrangements can include:
  • Time:
    Upon request, certain students are given an extended time limit for assignments or online examinations (e.g. dyslexic students may be given extra time for online examinations).
  • Room/space arrangements:
    A student is given an opportunity to utilize campus spaces or special arrangements for assignments and examinations (e.g. improved lightning for vision impaired; quiet room for students with attention disorders).
  • Technology:
    A student is given an opportunity to use special devices for assignments and examinations (e.g. software for dictating machines; special screens).
  • Materials:
    Access to audio books, course resources made available to the student(s) prior to them being covered in a class.
  • Mode:
    Oral exams over written exams (a possibility to complement an exam in speaking) or any other arrangements that will see the student flourish in studies.