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Student feedback platform



A student feedback platform is a (digital) place where educators guide students through the process of learning and understanding by actively asking questions. The environment provides the opportunity to engage with learners in an individual and collective way.
An essential task for teachers is to prepare questions and set the timing for feedback. The regular use of feedback loops allows teachers to gain insight into the level of understanding and to identify those students who are struggling. Teachers use the results of the feedback loop to adjust their learning materials and processes.
Using student feedback platforms enables educators to create a culture of reflective learning and helps them to get to know their students better and build positive relationships. It gives all students, even the shy ones, the opportunity to share their opinions.

Digital tools that offer the possibility to ask for feedback are:


You can set up a digital classroom where you can:

  • ask for feedback, check wellbeing and understanding
  • review responses and respond to students
  • compare responses over time and use this as a basis for adjusting teaching and learning
  • use question templates to ask for feedback
  • export response data in a spreadsheet

Tool for providing students with real-time feedback. Teachers can give verbal feedback and attach reusable resources to student work.