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Virtual assistant offers orientation



At the beginning of a course in the form of initial orientation and onboarding, a virtual assistant can communicate general information and prerequisites, ask about prior knowledge, expectations and wishes, and answer course-specific questions (assessment criteria, examination modalities, etc.) by means of structured conversation processes. (Raunig 2020)

Source: Raunig, M. (2020). Künstliche Interaktionspartner* innen an Hochschulen. BoD–Books on Demand.

Conversational AI Platform | Superior Customer Experiences Start Here (
Rasa Open Source „machine learning framework for automated text and voice-based conversations“ consists of an NLU (natural language understanding) component and a core component, which is a “dialogue engine for building AI assistants”.

Build Chatbots | Chatbot for Developers ( 
Botpress – The open source version contains various basic modules, an NLU module for “understanding” intents and entities or “slots”, a Q&A module for simple question-answer pairs.