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Content Collection

Virtual desk – keep your notes, manage your projects and share your ideas



Digital tools that enable learners to plan their own learning and keep their notes in an organised place. Use digital technologies to create a digital workspace where learners can not only organise their tasks but also use it like a virtual desk where they can put their work material, plans, ideas, etc.

Some parts of the virtual desk can be private, others public – it is simply a virtual place where knowledge and experiences can be shared in a digital way. includes following templates: Meeting notes / To-dos / Weekly agenda / Docs / Roadmap / Design system / Employee onboarding / Product wiki / Content calendar

Notion …

  • works like a website where you collect and share content. Notes are called “pages”.
  • offers the possibility to organise dates.
  • records and reviews decision-making processes.
  • is an “all-in-one workspace”.
  • offers the possibility to create Wikis for your project/organisation.
  • offers a public workspace and a private working area.

Trello: is a web programme that functions according to a card index system in which individual tasks can be created and processed one after the other. You can create different boards (projects) and add a series of cards. Each card represents a topic that you and your team need to work on. Add comments or create new cards to organize your work. –

Evernote: Software and web application that supports collecting, organising and finding notes, documents and photos in various formats. –

Slack: brings people, to-dos, data and documents together in one virtual place. It is a collaboration platform that helps you to organise your work and to stay connected with people. –

Toggle: Helps you to plan and organise your to-dos. –