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Campus Management Systems (CMSs)



CMSs are digital platforms (IT systems) for the administration, documentation, and organisational communication of (higher) education institutions. CMSs are used to map organisational business processes related to the student life cycle (student, course, and exam administration, etc.) as well as other areas of responsibility for university administration. Through CMSs, the processing and presentation of study, teaching or exam-related information is increasingly carried out in the sense of the e-campus through internet-based university portals with self-service functions.

The scope of services of the modularly structured CMSs from different providers varies considerably.

CMSs enable internet-based organisation, processing, and communication of education-related information by students, teachers, or employees, based on a differentiated system of rights.

Core applications of CMSs comprise (but are not restricted to): Application and admission process; Student administration; Modelling of study programs and examination regulations; Event planning (including creation of the course catalogue as well as the regular and individual timetables); Classroom management; Participant management (registration and deregistration, admission and distribution to courses and exams); Course coordination (including planning the semester program and ensuring that it is possible to study); Exam management (e.g. booking of grades, crediting of achievements, administration of theses); Organisational data management (e.g. building and lecture hall plans, e-mail and telephone directory of the faculties, institutes, departments, employees, etc.).

CMSs are also used to map administrative processes in the areas of human resources, accounting, controlling or computer-aided facility management (CAFM). While differentiating the requirements at the universities, additional functions such as alumni administration and marketing, course evaluation, internship management or non-overlapping timetable planning are included in the range of services of established systems.

Among the available Campus Management Systems (CMSs) are the following (choice):