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Digital activity checklists



Checklists are a way to manage the learning workload and ensure that tasks get done. Activity checklists can help leaners to navigate through tasks at their own pace and according to their own needs. They also help teachers to monitor the learners’ progress, and learners to keep track of their own progress. Teachers can ask learners to check the items in a checklist throughout the learning process, which helps them to develop self-evaluation competences and allows the teacher to intervene timely.

Educators can use checklists in LMSs, such as Moodle or Canva, for instance, to:

  • List the items that learners should complete (individually or in group), which can be linked to activities and resources;
  • Enable a progress bar showing what learners have completed at a certain moment;
  • Allow for both teachers and learners to check-off items;
  • Enable learners to add private items and notes to a checklist;
  • Define due dates for checklist items.