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E-Communication variety




Effective e-communication is an important means of securing accessibility and inclusion of learners in their desired learning worlds. A variety of ways of e-communication should therefore be provided for learners which should be based on educators’ e-communication policy. This policy informs learners about the educators’ availability with respect to time schedules, physical spaces and virtual spaces and channels.

Special attention should be given to the chosen media: commercial services (which require user registration) versus open systems/systems provided by the higher education institution; security and privacy aspects.

An e-communication policy gives the students information:


You can contact me with _____________________ (e-mail, social media, text…)
I will respond to (e-mail, chat, messages) within _______ hours, except on _____ or between ________ (hours)
I am available online (e-mail, Ms Teams, Zoom, Twitter…) _______ on _____ days.
Individual appointments (physical, Zoom, Chat, …) _______ are possible on _________ (day /time)
I accept / do not accept Facebook, LinkedIn … friend requests (until graduation).