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Individual learning plan



A learning plan is an activity plan that helps students organise, achieve and assess their learning goals. In a first step the student defines the competencies he or she wants to achieve. Based on these competencies, he or she selects different study courses, including the specific resources and activities, that supports achieving the selected competencies. The individual learning plan thus represents the student’s personal learning path. The plan provides an overview of the identified learning needs and should include all the digital learning resources identified by the student.

The individual learning plan is comparable with the personal study plan (PSP). A personal study plan (PSP) is a plan that students create and work on for themselves. It contains the contents, scope and duration of the study programme. The study plan of the degree programme serves as the basis for this personal plan. The PSP helps students to stay on schedule and to progress in their studies. The plan must be updated on an ongoing basis. The PSPs are created in and supported by various institutional student administration systems.

The difference between an individual learning plan and a PSP lies in the different approach. While the PSP is based on the curriculum, the individual learning plan is based on the predefined competence framework. The development of a competence framework is usually done by the grouping of related domain competencies.

Digital tools supporting the development of individual learning plans are: