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Movie pitch


In moviemaking, a pitch is a concise verbal (and sometimes visual) presentation of an idea for a film or TV series generally made to attract the investors. As an icebreaker activity the topic for the movie can be any that the group agree upon. This icebreaker allows learners to develop their collaboration and communication skills. It is advisable to implement this method with learners that have previously met. The learners are divided into groups of five. The educator asks them to come up with an idea (and pitch) for a new movie they would like to hypothetically produce. After several minutes of preparation, the educator asks one or two students per group to share their pitch with the rest of the class. Once all groups have presented their pitches, the remaining classmates will vote on which idea they think deserves funding.

This activity is suitable for the smaller group of learners.

Breakout rooms MS Teams or Zoom

Communicational tools: Wonder – Virtual Workspace