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Polls in online teaching


Online sessions can be interrupted at regular intervals with short questions about the content in real time.

Activity 1:
The students answer the questions by choosing yes/no or A/B/C option. These brief interruptions activate students; they leave passive – listening state and are encouraged to think and act.
There are different tools for online polls to implement this activity.
If there is only one question or one question per time it is meaningful to stay in the same system, where the meeting takes place. If there are more question other tools with more options are possible.
Duration about 1 min per question.

Activity 2:
Use online polls to find out about learners’ difficulties. Questions like: On a scale from 1 to 10, ten being very difficult:
How difficult do you find today’s topic in class?

MS Teams in the chat area of the meeting, an MS Form can be added and created immediately.