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Content Collection


Creating community through activities that engage all students and connect in-person and remote students with each other. Activities that create a sense of belonging and motivation among all students can be created. Icebreakers are a good way to start whether or not they are in the same room or on the same screen. Pairing or grouping students into baddies can result in solving technical, organisational problems but also can influence the outcomes (pairing according MKO (more knowledgeable other) addressing the heterogeneity in group).
Creating a discussion board (for out-class connections) to help students connect with each to form study groups, whether it’s virtual study groups, whether it’s we go to the library, sit down and don’t talk to each other but hold each other accountable.
Collaborative documents can give in-person and synchronous remote students quick ways to express themselves and work collectively. Questions or provocations posted on discussion boards can help asynchronous students step into the flow of class.
Polls are a good way to see what students are doing and to the possibility to get them engaged, and also to get them interested, because the answers in a poll can change the direction or atmosphere of the session. If students refuse to talk to each other in in-class setting as an alternative a chat and texting can be used as communication way to make them feel more comfortable.
In hybrid/HyFlex settings all students are involved. There are various activities that can be set for online engagement, for instance: quiz tools and games, such as Kahoot!, Quizlet Live, Quizizz, Mentimeter Quiz, and other.
See collaborative activities in online session.