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Step-by-step instructions



The educator can provide step-by-step instructions for learners how to use digital tools needed in the course. Instructions can be part of an assignment (e.g. how to use document templates or make a video etc.).

The instructions can be also presented in the beginning of the course or lecture (e.g. how to share a screen when presenting, how to use collaboration platform or facilitate sessions online etc.)

As a warm-up task, educators can ask learners to create step-by-step instructions to be shared for each other in an online class. See for example topics below.

Examples of instructions:

  • How to navigate in the LMS from the students point of view
  • How to set up a microphone
  • How to open a web camera
  • How to share a screen
  • How to use a presentation mode
  • How to use document templates
  • How to give peer feedback in LMS
  • How to save the assignment into a specific format