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Technology-enhanced oral presentations



Effective oral presentation skills are essential in the educational, social, and professional spheres. Depending on the subject area, oral presentations may include reacting to oral prompts, engaging in speed talks, producing pitches, presenting/discussing themes, simulating personal interaction (role-play), etc. Teachers can also video-record oral presentations to provide individual feedback to learners in terms of voice placement/tone, body language, language, etc.

Teachers can design synchronous oral presentations using video-conferencing tools (e.g., Zoom, MSTeams, etc.), ask learners to video-record their presentations or even mix both modalities.  In the latter case, the teacher may allow learners to submit a preliminary version that can be commented on before submitting the final version.  It is relevant to stress that this feedback can even be provided by the teacher, by peers or even external stakeholders, at various times.