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Two truths and a lie


Two truths and a lie activity is a good way to learn fun facts about the learners and they from each other. This game can lead to fun stories about past experiences and silly situations.
Here briefly the steps how to implement the activity:

  • If the group of learners is very big, divide the learners in smaller groups. The number of learners in a group will affect the duration of this activity
  • Have every person come up with two truths and one lie about themselves. Give the group some time to think.
  • Once everyone is finished coming up with their two truths and one lie, each person will read them aloud. The goal is for everyone else to guess what the lie was.

Different tools for online conference rooms, for instance: MS Teams, BigBlueButton,

Wonder – Virtual Workspace 
SpatialChat | Collaborative online workspace 
Poll Everywhere 
Google Forms 
Survey Monkey