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Content Collection

Using gradebooks



Gradebooks are used to manage the learners’ grades. Online gradebooks automatically aggregate scores and feedback from Assignments, Activities, and/or Manual grades, which can be easily distributed, allowing learners to view their own grades in individualised reports, anytime and anywhere.

Educators can use the gradebook tools included in LMSs. Given that they can store all information about the learner progress in a course, they can serve as a communication tool between learners and educators in what concerns the track record of the learning progress.

In general, educators can use LMS gradebooks to:

  • View assignment submission notifications, as well as assignment details and grades;
  • Sort the gradebook by assignment due dates, learner names, scores, etc.;
  • Download assignment submissions from learners to grade or view them offline;
  • Manually enter or revise learners’ grades;
  • Automatically calculate total and final grades;
  • Notify learners when an assignment has been graded
  • View Grade history and revert updated assignment scores to previous scores;
  • Download or upload grades;
  • Hide grades from learners until they are published;
  • Message learners who haven’t submitted an assignment yet;

Leave private grading comments for the learner; etc.