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Content Collection

Variety of learners‘ expression


Addressing the differentiation and personalisation there are multiple means of action or expression that learners can use to show what they have learned. Educators can apply more than one way to assess the knowledge that students have gained in order to address the different needs and different situations.

For instance:

  • Tests with different question types
  • Multiple choice
  • Fill-in-the-blanks
  • Short answer
  • Analysis questions
  • Essay questions
  • Jeopardy-style quiz with answers that are presented and students have to find the matching question 
  • Oral presentations: in person or audio or video recording
  • Written essays
  • Projects that involve physically constructing something
  • Creative assignments
  • Assignments requiring fact recollection or application
  • Portfolio, Blog, etc

Supportive elements:

  • Alternate forms of text input: text, speech-to-text, predict text, touch pads
  • Media-based assignments: drawings, maps, diagrams, videos, slideshows, web pages
  • Reduced text assignments: outlines, concept maps, tables, graphs, hands-on activities
  • Supportive tools: spelling and grammar checkers, drawing programmes, outliners
  • Social networking options: blogs, wiki, online chat, instant messaging
  • Shared writing and peer editing