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Digital track records



Track records are information about a learner’s progression along a given time span, namely dealing with performance, learning, development, marks, and attendance. Dealing mainly with the past, it can be a fundamental predictor of the learner’s future achievements, and a fundamental instrument for the teachers to identify at-risk learners and indicate how the process may be improved.

Educators can enable the activity completion tool in the course settings of modules/activities in LMSs. They may also decide if completion is going to be automatic (e.g., based on assignment submission) or if learners are supposed to do it manually. Course reports will then include the learners’ progress based on activity and participation reports, and be available to both learners and educators.

Track records can also be used to award completion badges to engage learners. Educators can easily create a learning badges with digital tools such as: Canva, or Open Badges. Using an LMSs, digital badges can be personalised and (manually or automatically) assigned for different stages of the course for different levels of progress.