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Ipsative assessment



Ipsative assessment is used to compare the learners’ results against a second try, instigating learners to set goals and improve their learning – which fully incorporates assessment as learning. This two-stage assessment structure teaches learner’s that learning is a process and that they should act on feedback for continuous improvement.

Team-based learning is a pedagogical strategy grounded on ipsative assessment.  Educators can incorporate ipsative assessment, by defining activities in which, following the learner’s individual answers, teams get together to work through the initial problems. A possibility is to define a two-stage testing process based on online quizzes, to which a competition layer (as game-based element) can be added. A user-friendly online tool to operationalise this strategy is Socrative.

This technology-enhanced approach allows for enhancing digital, collaboration and communication competences, through multiple self-assessment and revisions; thus, resulting in improved learning outcomes.