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Assessing the process



Assessment is an integral part of every formal educational process, but, typically, tends to focus on learning products, such as final test results. It is also important to rethink the role/function of assessment as an integral part of the learner´s learning process, so that it can go beyond content and integrates the development of different transversal and transferable competences, e.g., teamwork, intercultural communication, digital competence, task and time management, etc.

In this scenario, it is important to diversify the activities defined within a pedagogical strategy as to include the learners’ learning process. For instance, using a Learning Management System (LMS), such as, for example, Moodle, teachers can consider the definition of a set of activities resorting to tools as: discussion forums, assignment submission, quizzes, etc. Do not forget to schedule (timely) feedback to support the learners global learning (LifiComp, 2020).