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Learner agency


Learners tend to rely solely on teachers to answer to their questions and get feedback. It is important to hold learners accountable for their own learning, as well as their peers’. For this, it is relevant to be transparent about what and how they are expected to learn and clarify, from the beginning, how they are to interact with content, the teacher and their peers. In this context, feedback can be assumed as an important means to regulate the learner´s learning agency.

Educators should plan how they are going to monitor the learners’ learning and provide them with guidance. In addition, a learning contract can be negotiated with learners involving feedback loops with different agents (teachers, peers, or external stakeholders). Furthermore, accomplishment checklists can be used to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out learning tasks. This way learners are supported to develop competences for self-directed learning and take on the responsibility for their own learning.