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Content Collection - Levels

Level: Innovator


Rubrics are based on the definition of learning criteria and indicators and can be used by learners to regulate their

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Assessment equity

Assessment equity implies that the assessment strategy ensures that the learners’ profiles are considered in all aspects of the assessment

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Ontologies integrate a set of domain-based concepts and categories to describe an object’s properties. They are used to capture the

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Remixing OERs

Even though teachers can select OERs and use them as found, some can also be improved, developed, augmented to better

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IMS content package

An information management system (IMS) content package consists of files packaged according to an agreed standard of data representation for

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Authoring software

Authoring software is a common name for all different products that offer some pre-programmed elements for the development of interactive

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Extended reality

Augmented reality (AR) refers to an interactive experience in which technology infuses digital information into a user’s perception of the

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