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Chapter 2: Forming teams online

Main topics

Chapter 2 focuses on the team formation in online teamwork which has become an important issue as (higher) education increasingly moves to online learning and teaching environments. Accordingly, various digital approaches and practical tools enabling and supporting team forming are presented and discussed.

Thus, Chapter 2 aims at supporting learners, particularly teachers, to identify purposes for teamwork, choose appropriate approaches for online team formation and facilitate online team engagement. Different digital tools are characterised and valued.

Online references to results of the EDUdig project and other open sources are also given.

Reflective questions

Three reflective questions may serve as an attunement and as a motivator:

  • What are the characteristics of online teamwork as compared to other forms of teamwork?
  • What do I expect from virtual group and teamwork?
  • How can I enhance students’ commitment towards online teamwork?