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Check-out from e-handbook


Now, that you have gone through the e-handbook, you should have an understanding and overview of an educator’s digital competencies on an up-to-date B level or integrator level referring to the requirements, benefits and challenges of digitally enhanced collaborative learning including COIL (Collaborative International Online Learning). In other words, you should be able to use and experiment with digital tools for a range of purposes of collaborative online learning, trying to understand which digital strategies work best in which contexts.

If you want to identify your proficiency level you may use this self-assessment tool based on the DigComEdu framework.

In case your self-assessment using this DigComEdu tool or another procedure motivates you for further improvement of your digital competencies in education, you may decide to go back to the e-handbook to further exploit its potential or directly continue your exploration at EDUdig’s Collection of didactical and digital approaches and tools for educators.

As you already know, there you may find practical content of educators’ and learners’ digital competencies, including didactic concepts for online lectures, e-learning tools, and recommendations, which are covering educators’ professional and pedagogic competencies as well as learners’ competencies in the areas of

  • Professional Engagement;
  • Digital Resources;
  • Teaching and Learning;
  • Assessment;
  • Empowering Learners;
  • Facilitating Learners’ Digital Competencies.

Reflective Questions

A few reflective questions may serve as an attunement to tomorrow and the far future:

  • What are the characteristics of digitally enhanced learning and teaching as compared to learning and teaching in a non-digitalised world?
  • What do I expect from digitally enhanced learning and teaching in the near and far future?
  • Which are the gateways, benefits, and challenges of artificial intelligence in learning and teaching? (You may like to watch, for example, “What if your teacher were AI?”)