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3.2.8 Implementation – creating podcast

A podcast is a series of audio(video) episodes posted on podcast hosting platforms and available on-demand. There is no pre-determined format or length, it can be created in a flexible form on different topics as a talk, discussion, or an interview [9].

Using podcast in education is a good way to involve students into problem solving, collaboration and deeper understanding of content. Students can produce mini units on a certain topic or make interviews.

Using podcasts as a learning tool helps to train competences and skills such as idea creation, topic research, communication and of course technical skills which are necessary for the podcast production.

When producing a podcast, students take on several roles:

  • Storyteller – they must develop an interesting story worth talking about in a podcast. pdf (
  • Interviewer – they train active listening and asking the right question.

Producer – they are involved in the whole production process. Starting with creating a suitable recording setting and ending with editing the recorded material.

Planing steps

When you use a podcast as a learning element, you have to consider following steps:

  • Define the topic of the podcast: decide if the topic of the podcast is defined by you or developed together with the students.
  • Define the criteria and framework: expectations, technologies used, podcast rubric and title, duration of the podcast, etc. – provide your students with a common framework for the development of the podcast.
  • Offer technical instructions: provide detailed instructions for the technical use of the tools you suggest for creating podcasts.
  • Define preparation steps: give students an idea what they need to prepare before starting the podcast recording – i.e. design an invitation/information flyer or prepare a consent form for publication.
  • Choose podcast channel: choose a platform where you want to host the podcast and create a channel where you will publish your podcast series.