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Proficiency levels of digital competencies

In favour of practicality, the EDUdig e-handbook differentiates three proficiency levels of digital competencies:

  • A level or beginner level

    Beginners have had very little contact with digital tools or have just started using them. Beginners need guidance to expand their competencies.
  • B level or integrator level

    Integrators use and experiment with digital tools for a range of purposes, trying to understand which digital strategies work best in which contexts.
  • C level or expert level

    Experts use a range of tools confidently, creatively, and critically to enhance their professional activities. Experts continuously expand their repertoire of practice.

While the basic level of the e-handbook themes corresponds to a B level, in addition on several occasions throughout the e-handbook specific topics and information are given on A, B and C levels, thus guiding the learners through different aspiration levels of digital competencies.

For illustration randomly selected examples for A, B and C level competencies are given on the right-hand side.