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3.2.5 Evaluating Outcomes

Working in groups or teams for learners can be a challenging, motivating, disappointing, and fruitful experience at the same time. This is attributed to different personalities, assignment types, working conditions, and overall heterogeneity within a group. Importantly, learners are aware that their work and collaborative efforts will be evaluated.

There are different points of view on the assessment and evaluation of group work, which can be divided into the following roles: instructor assessment, peer assessment, self-reflection.

To ensure a smooth start to group assignments, it is essential to clearly communicate expectations to students.

In the assessment of group work, several aspects should be addressed:

By considering these aspects when assessing group work, educators can provide a comprehensive assessment that recognises individual and collective efforts, the group’s process and the results achieved. This approach promotes a fair and holistic assessment of learners’ collaborative skills and encourages continuous improvement of future group work efforts.