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Chapter 4: Collaborative online international learning (COIL)

Main topics

Chapter 4 focuses on collaborative online international learning (COIL), a type of online educational collaboration which involves students and educators from different countries working together in joint projects, assignments, or courses. COIL uses digital technologies and tools to facilitate cross-cultural and intercultural communication and collaboration. Accordingly, various digital approaches and practical tools enabling and supporting COIL activities are presented and discussed.

Thus, Chapter 4 aims at supporting learners, particularly teachers, to identify benefits and constraints of COIL and design a COIL project. Different digital tools are characterised and valued.

Online references to results of the EDUdig project and other open sources are also given.

Reflective questions

Three reflective questions may serve as an attunement and as a motivator:

  • What are the characteristics of COIL as compared to other forms of learning?
  • What do I expect from COIL activities?
  • How can I enhance students’ commitment towards COIL?